In Death, Laughter is Allowed!

Note: This post is available in audio form for ease of listening. This audio can also be downloaded and listened to on other media devices. For audio versions of other posts, see the page Listen to Posts for a selection of recorded posts. We think of death as this solemn time. Picture in your mind a family […]

Grief is Not Selfish!

Dear Readers, This post is also available in audio form, so you can listen now or download for later.   I know this one truth about the emotion called grief: it will find its way out of that inner closet you shoved it into, and it will happen on a day when you least expect it, and […]

Is My Mom Dying?

This question usually comes in the form of a phone call from the one of the children of an elder I represent. This question is always followed by: “and if she’s dying, why won’t the doctors or nurses tell me?” I struggle each time I hear those questions and this is why. I believe that […]