Paula McCann is an Elder Law attorney, estate planner, and probate litigator practicing law in Vermont and Colorado. If you would like to contact Paula directly, you can email her at her law office in Vermont ( or call her office at (802) 855-8060.

In addition to estate planning and probate litigation, Paula counsels her clients and their loved ones about how to have conversations around death and dying, last wishes with respect to medical support in the home for a family member who is dying, and explaining and arranging for hospice care. Paula also assists clients at the time of death by ensuring that medical support is available, and that family and caregivers have the resources and knowledge they need to assure as pain-free and low stress a death as possible for her clients.

A majority of Paula’s litigation practice is made up of cases involving financial exploitation of elders or vulnerable adults, or theft by fiduciaries (guardians, Agents under Powers of Attorney, Executors/Administrators of estates). Paula has referred several cases of financial theft and/or exploitation for federal criminal prosecution that resulted in prison sentences for the perpetrators and restitution for the victims.

When not practicing law, Paula is baking artisan bread for friends, writing this blog, and giving public presentations on how to protect against financial exploitation, preparing/planning for death, and other aging/death-related topics.

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