Emily & Bernard: A Love Story


There are two things to know about Emily and Bernard. They live like every day could be their last and they truly believe that you are never too old to fall head over heels in love. This is their story and they graciously offered to give me an interview to share it with you. Just click the link above to hear them tell their story.

You may cry and laugh along with them. Please be patient as you listen to them tell their story of finding each other and creating a loving relationship. Bernard suffered a stroke before he met Emily, so he needed a few moments of silence at times in this interview to gather his thoughts. Their honest view of being in love in their later years is worthy of your time, I promise you that.

Who would have guessed that a Royal British Legion sponsored trip to Valencia, Spain would give two single and older people a love of a lifetime? Emily, a Vermonter, and Bernard, a British ex-pat living in Spain, and treasurer of the local Royal British Legion in Nahava/Malaga Spain, met on such a week-long trip and the rest, as they say, is beautiful history.

This interview tells of the emotional vulnerability they were willing to reveal to each other to fall in love. They talk of their use of technology to grow closer each day via Skype and email. And they describe the ultimate risk they took when Bernard traveled to Vermont for a 2-month visit to live with Emily and grow their relationship.

I am forever grateful that they took the time from one of their summer days to let me interview them for this blog.


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