Dot and Ted – A Poet Takes on Alzheimer’s Disease

To listen to this interview click on this link: Ted and Dot Morgan were married on April 8, 1952. On March 9, 2016, after many years of a loving and committed partnership, Dot was admitted to a dementia care unit in the small town in western Kansas where they had made a home and raised […]

When you are heartbroken – Breathe

The sudden death of a child or young person, a loving wife or husband or best friend, can break our hearts. We feel shattered into so many pieces we don’t know how to face each day. We know we will never see the world the same way. We will never be the same person we were […]

Sitting Vigil at a Death Bed: A Checklist

Dear Readers, this post is also available in audio form through, by clicking the icon below you can listen to the audio version of the post. You can also download the audio version as well. Four young adults were sitting vigil at their mother’s death bed and they were completely unprepared for what they […]

What to Read to a Person Who is Dying?

Dear Reader, this post is available in audio format, so you can listen or read, or download and listen to this later on, whatever you prefer. A recent visitor to this site asked what they should read to someone on their deathbed. What a great question! Let’s start with the first step: You should ask […]