Grief is Not Selfish!

Dear Readers, This post is also available in audio form, so you can listen now or download for later.   I know this one truth about the emotion called grief: it will find its way out of that inner closet you shoved it into, and it will happen on a day when you least expect it, and […]

Is My Mom Dying?

This question usually comes in the form of a phone call from the one of the children of an elder I represent. This question is always followed by: “and if she’s dying, why won’t the doctors or nurses tell me?” I struggle each time I hear those questions and this is why. I believe that […]

How do we stay in our homes until we die? Part 2

1.4 million people, age 65 and older, are treated in emergency rooms every year in this country for injuries due to falls and house fires. After reading that statistic, I thought about how many of those 1.4 million people could not go home after their injury and ended up in a nursing home or assisted […]

How do we stay in our homes until we die?

Here’s the short answer:  PERSONAL SAFETY = STAYING AT HOME! We all like living in our homes. Whether we live in a one room studio apartment or a house, home is where we feel safe and where we create our own space. This post is the first in a series on how we can stay […]