This Blog is Getting a Makeover!

Dear Readers,

In my continuing effort to make practical information about aging and dying available and accessible, I am pleased to offer a redesigned blog with a whole new look and added features.

No worries though, the name and domain site stays the same, but the new site has a more robust layout for easier access to posts, and a brand new feature – audio posts! I added the audio post feature to help people who want to access this blog but have vision problems, or just prefer to hear someone reading to them.

As of today, you can preview the new audio post feature by going to and entering the search term “On The Way To Dying” to hear any or all of the first 7 tracks or posts. My audio posts are available for download directly from Soundcloud, so you can listen at your leisure.

Over the next few months I will be publishing 2 new series of posts. The first is a series on loneliness as we age. As we are living longer lives, loneliness becomes a priority health issue to be addressed in every culture. That series starts with the launch of the new blog format this week.

The second series is on the green funeral movement where I’ll explore issues such as: innovation in less expensive but beautiful coffins; alternatives burials; and the debate around cremation versus resomation.

My year end goal is to add podcast interviews with vibrant elders who are starting businesses in their late 70s, living independently at 100 yrs of age – and OLDER, and people involved in the movement to make burials/funeral less expensive, more personal, and still creative and beautiful.

Thank you for taking time to read this blog. I truly hope you’ll like the new site even more!




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